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Check out our latest single Funk Nassau!  Some recordings can magically transport you into the heart of a live party. The combined forces of Atlanta Junkanoo Group and Mausiki Scales & the Common Ground Collective delivering their version of “Funky Nassau” place you right there. It’s clear they’re having a blast and compelling you to join in the celebration.

The remake of this classic features trumpeter and vocalist, Dashill Smith, belting soul and hip hop-infused verses, joined later by Akua Taylor’s passionate refrain, “Funky Nassau!” Taylor’s shout-outs to several beloved Bahamian communities are a clarion call for the phoenix to rise. A hypnotic bass line, funky horns and guitar riffs supported by traditional Junkanoo rhythms bring the muscle of a freight train groovin’ down the track.

Brandon LaFleur, leader of Atlanta Junkanoo Group explains, “The motivation to record this song grew from our passion for Bahamian culture, creativity and collaboration. When hurricane Dorian ravaged our islands, we felt a need to lend moral support to our Bahamian family impacted by this devastating event." Mausiki Scales, founder of the Common Ground Collective, shares, “We wanted to bring together the ‘live-in-concert’ feeling and the ‘live on Bay Street’ energy – into one powerhouse tune.”

AJG Carnival Interview

 Check out our interview with Caribbean Life TV talking about our passion Junkanoo!

AJG in the News

Atlanta Junkanoo Group returned to the Dogwood Festival's International Stage for the third consecutive year. 

This time, we were featured on Good Day Atlanta!

Event Entertainment

Atlanta Junkanoo Group is a non-profit band of musical performers & dancers celebrating the Bahamian cultural art form called Junkanoo. We are available for private events and also choose various community events to share the beauty of Junkanoo with. While we have Carnival costumes from our participation in Atlanta Carnival each year, see the video below for a traditional performance you can expect from AJG in our Junkanoo costumes, which are more conservative. We have performed for birthday parties, corporate events, Bar Mitzvahs, showcases, parades, and more. Each performance is customized to suit our client's audience. To book us for your next event, please visit the "Contact Us" page and click "Book Us" to submit a performance request.

AJG At Atlanta Dekalb Carnival 2018

Special thanks to Dee Dee Parker of 97.5 FM for shouting out Atlanta Junkanoo Group as the Band that stood out the most at Atlanta Dekalb Carnival 2018! AJG is a group of proud Bahamians residing in the international mecca of Atlanta - better known as the A, ATL, Hotlanta, or more historically, the Phoenix City named after the mythical bird. The Phoenix Bird is an ancient firebird believed to have risen from its own ashes. So in 2018, we're paying homage to the history of great birds in Atlanta from the Phoenix to the Hawk and Falcon as well as the native birds of the Bahamas from Parrots to Flamingos. Follow us on a musical journey from Hotlanta to our homeland of THE BAHAMAS as we present our 2018 Carnival theme, "Flight to Paradise"!!!

Skip to 21:10 to see our competition pieces or 23:00 to see the final Junkanoo Rush leading up to the Village.

AJG At Atlanta Dekalb Carnival 2017

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